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Smart LED Light Dalen 1X

The latest addition to the Dalen family! Quality material, the latest technology!

The original lamp plays in all colors and allows you to change atmosphere in your home according to your mood.

Power 10 W
Color temperature 4000K~6000K, RGB
Luminous flux 500 lm
135 € tax incl.
111 € tax excl.

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 LED table lamp Dalen 1X

Dalen table lamp

The Smart LED 1X Desktop Lamp combines quality material, newest technology and original shape, inspired by jellyfish.

At first glance, the unobtrusive and elegant lamp plays all the colors, allowing you to change the atmosphere of your home at any time according to your mood.

Timeless, funny and easy-to-use lamp is the perfect choice for modern or minimalist interiors.

- Net weight: 1,2 kg

- Input power: 10 W

- Dimensions: Ø 320 x 350 mm

- LED specification: Samsung 2835

- Life Time: 40 000h

- IP40

Color temperature changing

Dalen table lamp use

You can change color temperature from Warm White over Nature White to Cool White by longer touch of palm on the top of the lamp.

2 800K - 3 500K: Warm white such as light at sunset. Ideal for relaxing activities or watching TV.

4 500K - 5 000K: Natural White. This colour is like usual daylight. Perfect for common activities such as studying, playing with kids or for your work.

5 000K - 6 000K: Cool white, colour is the same like light on bright sunny day. Most often used for studying, reading or activities that require concentration.

Set the color mode by touching the center of the light.

Dalen table lamp use

Input Power

10 W

LED specification


Luminous Flux [lm]


Color Temperature

 Cool White, Warm White

Color Temperature [K]




Life Time [hod.]

40 000

Weight [kg]

1,2 kg

Dimensions [mm]

Ø 320mm x 350mm

 IP Degree


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