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Smart LED Light Dalen Q50TW

Smart LED light Dalen brighten up your home and creates enjoyable atmosphere for any activity you want to do during day. Cool white Light is the right choice for work and Warm White light induce atmosphere for a moment of relaxation and comfort.

Power 50 W
Color temperature 2800 K ~ 6000 K
Luminous flux 3300 lm
176 € tax incl.
146 € tax excl.

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Ceiling LED light Dalen Q50TW

Dalen čtverec

- Intelligent and economically light with dimming mode, sleep mode and Glare-free function

- Made from high quality PMMA that means lightness, endurance and easy maintenance with high transmittance rate

- Color temprature is 2800K~6000K: 6 levels adjustable with remote control or ecoCloud App

- Luminosity in 270° guarantees perfect light spreading

- Easy montage without changing your current elektroinstallation

- Eye protection technology: no flickering, no ripple wave

- Net weight: 3,9 kg

- Input power: 50 W

- Dimensions: Ø 600 x 600 x 80 mm

- LED specification: Samsung 2835

- Life Time: 40 000h

Color temperature changing


You can change color temperature from Warm White over Nature White to Cool White (illustration image).

2 800K - 3 500K: Warm white such as light at sunset. Ideal for relaxing activities or watching TV.

4 500K - 5 000K: Natural White. This colour is like usual daylight. Perfect for common activities such as studying, playing with kids or for your work.

5 000K - 6 000K: Cool white, colour is the same like light on bright sunny day. Most often used for studying, reading or activities that require concentration.

Sleep mode: For sweet sleeping. Brightness of the light is turned down on 50% of warm white and in 30 minutes will shut down automatically.

Night Light: Unobtrusive light with ,,warm candle" effect for sufficient orientation in your room at night. Input power in Night Light is only 1W - 3W.

Wall switching mode


Ceiling light Dalen remembers last mode (brightness and color tempretature), that was active before last switching off.

Wall switch control

You can change color temperature without remote control. ON-OFF-ON the light within 2 seconds changes lighting mode between Natural Light, Warm White and Night Light mode.

Insect Resistance

Odolnost vůči hmyzu

Ceiling light Dalen doesn´t emit light with 350nm that attract insect.

Dalen Light is equipped with rubber seal that prevents insect and dust intrusion to the lamp.

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